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Puja is a ritualistic and traditional way of showing reverence to God and the divine. Pujas are performed at temples, homes and offices through invocations, prayers, songs and rituals. Conducting a puja offer extreme benefits – it enhances positivity in life, washes away the sins and cleanses a devotee’s karmic cycle. There are many ways in which a puja can be performed, namely – Japa, Yajna and homams. Hindu culture has a long-lived belief that the devotees who perform puja and worship God with true dedication get all their wishes fulfilled. It is believed that if one does a puja, he never returns empty handed, and God puts him on the right path and connects to the right people, which can help him in fulfilling his desires and wishes. Therefore, if you pray with great devotion and put in correct amount of efforts in your dreams, there is no doubt that you will achieve great benefits. Furthermore, there are various reasons for which people perform a puja. Some of the examples include success, prosperity, peace, harmony, progeny, marriage and more. There are certain pujas, which need to be conducted on specific days; however, few pujas just need a good occasion. Pujas are a divine medium of connecting with the almighty god.


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