Our Network


Dr. Gaurav Sharma is also an Associate member of World Renowned Astrological Associations –

  • AANSW – Astrology Association of New Southwales Inc. Australia
  • AA – Astrological Association of Great Britain. UK
  • C.I.A. – Cosmic Intelligence Agency (AUS)
  • F.A.A. – Federation of Australian Astrologers (AUS)
  • N.C.G.R. – National Council of Geocosmic Reseachers (USA)
  • I.S.A.R. – International Society of Astrological Reseachers (USA)


In 2009, he initiated his research work in Futurology, a significant aspect of Astrology. On 24th January 2016, Dr. Gaurav Sharma received the fruit of his hard work, in the form of HONORARY DR. OF ASROLOGY AWARD handed over by Hon’ble Mr. Aleksander Imsiragic, Vice President of ISAR (USA) and Mr. Julian Venables famous Astrologer of UK, during 26th International Astrological Seminar organized by Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology, Kolkata.